Classic car themed weathervanes 

A fine selection of beautifully sculptured British made weathervanes available in four sizes.

Small: Measures approximately 46 cm across the cardinal points (north - south or east - west), and will suit a shed, garage or summer house.

Medium: (Most popular) Measures approximately 61 cm across the cardinal points and is designed for a larger building, such as a standard size house or larger garage or shed. 

Large: Measures approximately 76 cms across the cardinal points and is made to be highly prominent on a larger size building.

Extra large: Measures approximately 102 cms across the cardinal points and is intended for significantly large buildings, such as manor houses.

These very high-quality steel weathervanes are individually hand-produced by skilled
sculptors and metalworkers using the finest materials available. They are then electroplated with zinc at the end of the production process to produce both a smart matte black finish, as well as reduce the chance of rust or other defects during a long life outdoors. In advance of despatch, each weathervane is then balanced and tested to ensure it will be instantly functional once it has been installed.
A long-lasting functional gift which will impress all your visitors.
All fixtures and assembly instructions are supplied as standard.
If you are interested in having a unique weathervane specially commissioned, please send us an e-mail
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