High-quality car gifts for the serious motoring enthusiast

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Choose from a huge range of prints, signs, books, DVDs, sculptures, pictures, posters, clocks, greeting cards,
note cards, wall art and much more. We have an excellent selection of items to suit every budget and occasion
 Classic car Christmas cards
(Free desk calendar with the purchase of any two packs)
Only £9.99 per pack


 Multi-item Special Christmas Package


Classic car themed weathervanes
(Many new marques recently added
Some models still available for Xmas)
From £149
 Classic car themed wash bag
(Back by popular demand)


 Classic British car mugs gift set
(Includes free classic car gift card)


 Motoring history DVDs
(More titles recently added)
£10.99 - £19.99
 Framed photo collages
£14.99 - £24.99
 Assorted steel promotional signs


  Framed B&W pictures from history

   Petrol can themed money box



 Ornamental desk gear stick with quartz clock



  Motor racing bronze sculpture



 Multi-tool torch key ring
(Thee for the price of two offer)


 Great British Cars framed picture
(NEW -personalisation available)
£19.99 - £29.99


 Motoring themed wooden crates




   Diecast model cars with clocks

£16.99 - £19.99


   Ferrari and VW Camper van posters


Classic British Motor Show posters

£14.99 - £69.99


 Individual classic car mugs


 Motoring greeting cards
(Special price for assorted pack)
£1.85 each


 Classic car gift bag



  Ford and MG penknives


    Motoring themed birthday card



  Classic car notepads


  Heavy duty novelty parking signs



 Alan Fearnley motoring prints
(Outstanding selection of motoring art)
£40 - £450

 Large, colourful VW wall stickers

£19.99 - £24.99

  Classic car silk handkerchiefs


 Classic car notebooks


 Mounted and framed car pictures


Classic car tribute posters
(Colourful posters for all the leading marques)


 Classic car bookmarks


 Motoring themed all-purpose utility tin


  Motoring themed keepsake tins



 Classic car (and bikes) pill boxes


  Morris Minor diecast police car



 Porsche diecast model cars

£5.99 - £7.99


 VW Beetle diecast model cars


  Ornamental clockwork tin plated vintage car



  Assorted authentic tin-plated classic car models

£24.99 - £29.99


Motoring themed key rings

£1.99 - £5.99


 Framed collector cards
(All classic car models available)
£29.99 - £34.99


 Classic car themed house name plates
(Display your car on your house front wall)


 Attractive hip flask in smart presentation case



 Attractive motoring themed ties
(Christmas half price offer)
ONLY £6.50


Assorted range of classic car socks



 Car themed air fresheners



 Motoring reference books
(Multi-purchase special offer available)
£1.75 - £16.99


Outstanding bronze busts of motor racing legends